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Eye Care

Discover the latest eye care news,
including the latest research
and science that could effect
you and your eyes.  

  • Blog-post-icon.jpg 25.09.2017

    Discomfort while driving
    Do you feel unsafe driving at night?
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  • child-sight-icon.png 23.11.2015

    Concerned about your child’s sight?
    Six signs there may be a sight problem 
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  • Eyestrain 15.10.2015

    The Daily Grind:
    How eyestrain affects your life.
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  • Blue Light 04.09.2015

    Blue Light at Night :
    Are you losing sleep?
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  • The Protectors 25.08.2015

    Think About Your Eyes:
    The Protectors take to the streets for another year running.
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  • Ptosis 18.08.2015

    Contact Lenses:
    Are your eyelids beginning to droop? 
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  • Contact lens 21.07.2015

    Contact Lenses and Bacteria:
    Increasing the risk of eye infections
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  • May_Eyecare_News_Mosaic-258x130.jpg 22.05.2015

    Contacts Care:
    It’s a risky business
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  • Eyeliner 27.04.2015

    The Darker Side of Eyeliner:
    Risking your eyes one cosmetic at a time
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  • Hinode Observes 2011 Annular Solar Eclipse 19.03.2015

    Protect Your Eyes:
    The Solar eclipse
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  • EyecareNews_Mosaic_Protectors-Protectors.jpg 30.09.2014

    The Protectors 
    Have been on tour
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  • CB_eyecareNews_258x130_squintingmyth.jpg 15.09.2014

    Is squinting bad for your vision?:
    Common eye health myths explained
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    CB_productNews_258x130_thescience.jpg 30.09.2014

    Science behind the lens.
    Science and technology drive our innovation. 
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