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From the inventors of varifocal lenses.
Varilux gives dynamic clarity and greater comfort whilst
providing natural vision near, far and in-between.


Varilux® benefits

When near vision weakens in your 40s, progressive lenses
offer a comfortable vision at any distance.
Learn more about why varifocal lenses
are the ideal solution for presbyopia.

  • keep calm and remember 40 is the new 20


#AIJAN is our commitment to changing society's view on aging.
We believe that by helping people maintain good sharp and effortless vision, their age won't be a barrier keeping them from doing what they would like to do.
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by Varilux progressive lenses

Everyday varifocals

Keep your vision sharp and comfortable for every day activities within arm's reach and beyond.



Varilux X Series

Embrace every detail of your world



Varilux E Series

Easy vision for an easy life


Lifestyle specific varifocal lenses

  • Varilux Digitime


    A mid-distance varifocal lens designed to be worn instead of your main varifocals when using different devices screens.

    Learn more
  • Varilux Road Pilot


    Use Varilux Road Pilot lenses when driving, and experience up to 90% less reflections at night

    Learn more

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