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Crizal UV Lenses


See more. Do more.

Lenses should be simple, protective, and enhancing. People lead different lives, and your vision is impacted differently by various activities - even by work, socialising and family time.

 Essilor's drive to give you the clearest of vision whilst staying protected is what inspired our most advanced anti-reflective lens Crizal UV.

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New Experience. Clear Vision.

Clear vision is just the start. You can now continue doing the things you love knowing that your eyes are protected from UV and light glare.

Crizal UV offers unrivalled levels of durability, water repellence, dust repellence, smudge resistance and scratch resistance. Cleaning your lenses is a whole lot easier too.

  • Crizal UV Technology

Simply Powerful.

Crizal UV will provide clarity whilst protecting your eyes like no other anti-reflective lens.

Essilor's scientific engineering provides a lens which resists smudges, dust, scratches, glare and repels water. 

Crizal UV also introduces the ground-breaking Prevencia technologies, including protection against bad blue-violet light.

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