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Eye Examinations

Regular eye examinations are important for clear vision.
They can also be a health check to find indications
of other medical conditions too.

  • Over 70 per cent of adults in the UK are following the NHS advice to have their eyes tested at least once every two years.


Eye Examination

A regular examination generally takes around half an hour, and checks many different elements of your vision.

Your optician will look at your visual acuity to measure the sharpness of your vision and ability to see fine details. Testing refraction how the eye bends light onto the retina. Short and long-sightedness and astigmatism are common eye problems resulting from refractive errors. Your field of vision will also be checked to measure the extent of the area you can see. This is checked by testing the sight in each eye separately, while covering the other eye.


eye tests

Advanced measuring equipment can be used to calculate a range of factors that are unique to each individual. These include head shape and size, the size of and distance between the pupils, visual habits and behaviour, and how the eyes move around. These parameters can then be taken into account to make sure lenses are a precise fit and provide the clearest possible vision.

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  • Teste de visão à distância
  • Teste de visão ao perto
  • Teste de visão para astigmatismo
  • Teste para visão para daltonismo


Regular eye examinations at your optician are the best way to ensure healthy vision.

A simple check up is straightforward and painless.

Your optician will perform a number of tests to assess your vision at all distances and for conditions such as colour vision deficiency.

Did you know?
Testing For Myopia

How to check for short-sightedness

You can check whether you're short-sighted by trying to read a car number plate from around 20 feet. If the numbers and letters are blurry, you're probably short-sighted and need glasses.

An optician will use a range of tests to check your distance vision. A common test involves covering one eye and assessing the darkness of circles in red and green squares.

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