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  • Vision For Life 24.10.2015

    Essilor See Change
    Good vision is a right for all
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  • Special Olympics 21.10.2015

    Special Olympics World Games
    Celebrating vision and smiles
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  • Alcohols affect on your eyes 15.10.2015

    Blind Drunk
    How Alcohol Affects Your Eyes
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  • Examination 09.09.2015

    Eye health of population at risk:
    People’s eyes are being subjected to damaging factors 
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  • Sports and eye protection 12.08.2015

    Sports & Eye Protection:
    Are you missing an essential piece of kit?
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  • Low vision problem 04.08.2015

    The low vision problem:
    Preparing for the future
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  • Sunglasses 05.06.2015

    SPF for the eyes:
    Are you protected?
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  • AAV_News_Item_Mosaic_258x131-Essilor-Eyes.jpg 07.04.2015

    Surprising Statistics:
    The World Through Our Eyes… 
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  • SB_AAVNews_258x130_worldsight.jpg 30.09.2014

    World Sight Day:
    Find out how you can get involved 
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  • Eye Care

    CB_eyecareNews_258x130_effectsofnotwearing.jpg 30.09.2014

    Effects of not wearing glasses.
    Discover the short term and long term impact.
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