Of The Eyes

We're all susceptible to different
forms of eye problems over the course
of our lives. Some we may inherit
and others will develop with age.

[Video] Evolution of the eye

The human eye is a wonderful and complex organ that has provided us with an amazing evolutionary advantage – but how did it come about?

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Vision in young children

Sight develops rapidly during the first year of a baby's life, getting sharper and clearer. Learn more about how your child's vision develops and common eye conditions in children.

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Children and vision problems

Children may not be able to tell you they have a problem with their eyes. Read about some of the common eye complaints a child may have and their tell-tale signs.

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Teens and eye problems

Eyesight issues in teens have been linked to poor academic performance, behavioural issues and anxiety. Discover the risks to the eye that a typical teenage lifestyle presents.

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Signs your eyes are ageing

As people age, they are more likely to develop certain eye conditions. Find out more about age-related conditions and how regular eye examinations can maintain healthy eyes.

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Vision in your 40s and 50s

People generally experience the greatest changes to their vision during their 40s and 50s. Read about some of the vision problems and eye conditions that can occur with age.

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Vision in your 60s

The slow onset of some age-related vision problems means we may not notice them until they begin to restrict everyday tasks. But you may be able to identify symptoms early on.

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